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Your Smartnet Coverage
Our first priority is to organize and evaluate your entire contract according to the Cisco databases.  Our team of SMARTnet Service Experts will then begin to uncover errors, duplications and discrepancies.  We will compile information regarding missing products, expired contracts, unknown inventories, misaligned coverage options and other crucial discrepancies.
Individualized Coverage Recommendations
Our recommendations are what makes the difference in your budget!  This is where our Cisco SMARTnet experts help you reorganize your contract data by filtering out all the discrepancies and help you find the appropriate coverage options to maximize your service dollars.

We begin by resolving all vital issues on the current contracts.  Once we have restructured your contracts to reflect all updates, our experts begin to process all the added assets, delete duplicates, resolve missing serial numbers, coordinate start and end dates, collect SMARTnet credits for unused contract time, pro-rate, co-term and consolidate. This is where your contract renewal headaches disappear! 

The recommendations that your TLIC Worldwide SMARTnet expert provides you with, will save you  significant dollars.   Taking away the headaches of managing garbled contracts is even more reason to rely on our SMARTnet Experts!

Automated Renewal Notifications: See TLIC SMART
As your contract anniversary approaches, TLIC Worldwide will contact you in advance and renew the process cycle for a new year. 

With greater reliance on your Cisco-powered network for internal operations, e-business initiatives and VOIP phone systems, you cannot afford to be unprotected. Many of our clients are surprised to learn they have expired contracts.
  • Don't lose Cisco help desk access and software updates.
  • Avoid problem resolution "fire drills."
  • Don't lose revenue and/or experience downtime due to equipment failures.
  • Avoid the confusion, exposure and budget issues of multiple contract termination dates.
  • Avoid unbudgeted equipment replacement costs.
  • Avoid distraction from your core business and responsibilities.
  • Don't miss the latest IOS updates.
Maintenance Expertise
A typical TLIC client with 100’s of devices can invest dozens of hours per year to manage SMARTnet contracts. SMART’s  expert team will save this client, and you, nearly all of that time. What's more, SMART provides these services for no additional cost beyond the cost of SMARTnet coverage.
  • Discover all contract and device data and reconcile with the Cisco database.
  • Correct duplications, uncovered equipment, and other errors.
  • Align devices, locations and coverage under each contract.
  • Gain awareness of your contract expiration dates.
  • Cover your Cisco assets appropriately, don't overspend.
  • Match coverage with the device and its workload.
  • Realize SMARTnet credits for contract changes or deletions.
  • Apply your credits to future SMARTnet purchases, upgrades and renewals.
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