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Steven Palange

Managing Partner
p: 401-214-5557
e: steven_palange@tlic.com

April Villacin

e: april@tlic.com

Daniel Catibog

p: 401-214-5554

e: daniel@tlic.com

Cristine Mijares

p: 888-854-2669 ext 104

e: cristine@tlic.com

Kristel Estavillo

p: 888-854-2669 ext 105

e: kristel@tlic.com

Jazib Javed

IT Manager
e: jazib@tlic.com

Gene Zaydes

p: 888-854-2669 ext 202

e: gzaydes@tlic.com

Nikole McLeod

p: 888-854-2669 ext 103

e: nikole@tlic.com

Our Story

TLIC Worldwide, Inc. is a provider of information technology solutions in the U.S, partnering with the vendors bringing the latest products for your unique IT needs.

Learn more about how we can help you assess, design, and deploy IT solutions from our preferred and trusted partners. TLIC Worldwide was founded in 1998 and now supports 1,000 small, medium, and large business, government, education, and healthcare customers by delivering critical solutions to their increasingly complex IT needs.

About Us

Contact a TLIC Worldwide solutions account manager for anything in your IT environment. We’ll be there every step of the way, from deciding what solution is suited for your environment, getting the very best pricing, and we’ll follow-up to make sure you are happy with your solution

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